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Welcome to TechnoAgape

We have over 25 years experience serving technology solutions to customers in need.

Whether you are looking for hardware, or software solutions, TechnoAgape can help your environment grow beyond your current technological difficulties. No matter what challenges you may be facing, we would love to discuss how TechnoAgape can help you.

Web Design...

About Us

Founded in 2014  TechnoAgape’s main goal is to serve others through our love of technology. We have over 30 years of experience building custom hardware and software solutions to solve unique business technological issues. Our vast history includes developing inventory and document tracking systems, custom website design, web hosting, web marketing, search engine optimization, wireless network design and tuning, custom built PCs and servers, 3D printing and many other segments of technology.

Welcome to TechnoAgape


TechnoAgape is driven by our passion for technology to serve others. Our goal is to have a profound impact on your business by providing the best, most effective solutions that coincide with your environment. Our solutions will streamline and enhance your business process by removing complexity, not adding to it.

Welcome to TechnoAgape


Web Presence

How do your customers find you? Are you showing up in the top results of multiple search engines? If your website is not on the first page of a Google search, then your site doesn’t exist to most customers. Let TechnoAgape help you build your web presence by enhancing your page rank, boosting your Google Business details, and performing web analytics to target your customer base. If you don’t know where to start , contact us now! We can help direct your web presence to create a better, more efficient path to your customers.

Web Hosting

TechnoAgape provides a complete line of professional web hosting services. We maintain our own custom servers so the “buck stops here!” No more waiting in call queues trying to talk with someone who doesn’t understand your problem. We run and maintain all of our own servers from the ground up and we provide our direct numbers. Contact us below to find out more about our services. 

Responsive Websites

Is your website responsive on mobile devices? Does it have a modern eye catching design? We can help you bring your website into a modern responsive layout. Over 80% of web traffic is now on mobile phones in most markets. If your site is not targeting these devices you are missing out on a potentially large customer base. We would love to talk to you about your web needs.

Boost Sales

Did you know that online advertising can more then double your online activity? Setting up a proper Google Ad campaign can be a long, daunting task. Luckily, TechnoAgape can provide market research and help you setup a custom ad campaign to boost contact with your customers! Let us find and target new areas or segments of the market that you otherwise couldn’t reach. With the world more connected now then ever before, you cannot afford to miss reaching new audiences!

Page Rank

Improving your Google page rank can be a very complicated process. It involves a complex combination of content keywords, meta tags, and code blocks to leverage Googles analytics. However, without the best page ranking, your competition could be light years ahead of you! Let TechnoAgape help you through this often agonizing process and boost your website ranking ahead of your competition, leaving them in the dust!

Graphic Design

TechnoAgape can provide the graphics you need to give your website a unique presence. Through our love of photography, video, and graphic design we can provide all your multimedia needs.

Custom Development

TechnoAgape has over 25 years of development experience in Visual Basic, C, C++, C#, .Net, HTML, JavaScript, Java, CSS, and SQL, just to name a few. Do you have legacy products that need support? Do you need a custom application? We have developed many tracking systems using barcoding and RFID technology to track almost any type of assets. 


Do you need a network, shared file storage, backup strategy, firewall, web filtering, or database server? TechnoAgape works with proven open source technologies to provide you with a low cost, high performance network design. We can configure custom virtual LANs to secure your environment and still provide access to the public. To ensure your utmost safety, we can deploy web filtering services that provide protection for your staff or public users. We also include load balancing that can prioritize mission critical traffic from abusive users! 

Wireless Design

Wireless networking can be tricky depending on your environment. Through site surveys and spectrum analysis TechnoAgape can ensure solid coverage in the most difficult areas or environments. We can pinpoint interference and work to eliminate problem locations.

Wireless Networking can potentially put you at risk. Do you want to setup public WIFI without compromising your personal or business data? We can setup a custom VLAN strategy to protect your information while allowing an open network design. TechnoAgape uses a combination of Open Source solutions and proprietary tools to ensure you stay secure and connected!

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